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We must protect these ancient sites for this generation and future generations.

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Save Wicklow's Ancient East

Discover the history of wicklow's Ancient hill forts within this Magic Landscape

The Natural Environment

Discover the rich Natural Biodiversity of the Unique hilltop landscape that has been farmed since Neolithic times

Summer Solstice
& Kilranelagh Grave Yard

Kilranelagh.. one of Ireland's oldest Graveyard including one of the oldest High Crosses in the country

Baltinglass Hill Fort

The hillfort has two defensive ramparts and is known as Rathcoran,
dating from around 1000 BC, the name has been said to be taken from the Irish ‘Ráth Cuaráin’ ‘Cuarán’s ringfort’ but it is maybe more plausible that it derives from ‘Ráth Charnáin’ ‘ring fort of the cairn’.

We have commissioned a new Logostyle for promotion and publicising this unique Heritage awareness initiative.
The Logo was designed by Eamon Sinnott of Eamon Sinnott & Partners Naas .